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Student Council

Student Council

Student Council

A Student Council is a representative structure through which students in a post-primary school can
become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management and staff
and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.

The role of the Student Council

The main role of a Student Council as set out in the Education Act is "to promote the interests of the
school and the involvement of students in the affairs of the school, in co-operation with the board,
parents and teachers".
A Student Council will set its own objectives, which will vary from school to school. Some general
objectives could include:

  1. To enhance communication between students, management, staff and parents
  2. To promote an environment conducive to educational and personal development
  3. To promote friendship and respect among pupils
  4. To support the management and staff in the development of the school
  5. To represent the views of the students on matters of general concern to them

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Student Council Officers 2021-2022

L-R Shane Shannon, Grace McKiernan, Rebecca Ryan, Amy Flavin, Patrick Clancy & David Kennedy

Aug 29
1st Term 29/08/22 to 21/12/22
Aug 29
1st Year Return to School 9-12
Aug 30
3rd/6th Year Return to school
Aug 31
2nd/5th Year Return to School
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