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DEIS(school improvement) PLAN 2023-2026


DEIS Plan 2023 - 2026

"We believe every student is capable of success" KCS staff

Kilrush Community School have been busy developing a school improvement plan (DEIS plan) following consultation with the school’s management, teachers, students and parents. As we are in the midst of a pandemic, health and safety along with wellbeing and anti-bullying remain to be our areas of priority. However, the school has also prioritised the areas listed below for 2023-2026. We recognise that parents are a child's first and most important teacher. Family support is one of the most powerful forces to strengthen children’s achievement. We appreciate your support in helping us make Kilrush Community School a safe, happy and a great place to learn.


1. To improve literacy levels of all our students:

  • All students are being encouraged to read for pleasure in their spare time. Interestingly 75% of our students when surveyed said that they prefer to read online. We have a digital library available for students to access free digital books. See link here. Please encourage your son/daughter to read in their spare time.
  • We aim to increase students' confidence when presenting and reading aloud. You could present opportunities in the home for your child to challenge themselves. If we try to shelter our children from experiencing doing uncomfortable things, we also rob them of the many opportunities that arise from doing hard things.

2. To improve numeracy levels of all our students:

  • We aim to increase the number of students who have a positive attitude to numeracy and to improve their skills in working with fractions and develop their problem-solving skills. You as a parent/guardian can help by:
    • Help your son/daughter see that numeracy applies to everyday life and can be fun.

    • Take advantage of the home context to make numeracy as applicable and relevant as possible. For example, measuring ingredients for a recipe, spending money in a shop or online, laying the table for dinner and counting out the cutlery, budgeting for an event etc.

    • Your own attitude can help your son/daughter gain confidence and develop a positive attitude towards numeracy. Research shows that when parents believe their son/daughter can learn challenging material and set high but realistic expectations, they rise to the occasion.

    • Encourage your son/daughter to keep practicing in order to reinforce the learning taking place in school. If they don’t practice, students can quickly forget a concept or method they grasped really well just a few days before.

    • Attend a parent class to practice skills that arise in Junior Cycle math's. Contact Rita our HSCL on 0861384042

3. To improve attendance and punctuality of our students:

  • We are putting a huge emphasis on punctuality and attendance. Please take extra care for your son/daughter to be at school on time before 8:50am each day. You can help by:
    • Each night make sure your son/daughter has their schoolbag and uniform ready for the next day.
    • Insist your child returns to school after any appointments where appropriate e.g., doctor/dental/physio. It would be preferable if appointments were for after school, when possible.
    • Avoid family holidays during school term.
    • Write a note on the Vsware Parent App giving the reason for any absence.
    • Track your child's attendance on VSware — absent days can add up very quickly.

4. To develop our Partnerships with Parents and others:

  • We are very proud of having fantastic relationships with our parents and many agencies/businesses/groups associated with the school and we will be working on strengthening these links.
    • Get involved in school activities.
    • Join a parent class.
    • Attend parent teacher meetings.
    • Add comments in the school journal
    • Keep track of results/attendance etc. on the VSware Parental App.

5. To improve Examination Attainment across the school:

  • We always strive to set high standards and expectations for our students and as part of our Deis planning we are focusing on 1. improving students CBA results, 2. increasing the number of students taking four or more higher level subjects and 3. maintaining the high number of our students taking higher level math's at Leaving Certificate at above the national average. You can support by:
    • Keep up to date with our CBA running order calendar. See link here.
    • Report any concerns to the school at your earliest convenience.
    • Continue to encourage your son/daughter to stay in Higher Level subjects where capable and discuss the benefits of same e.g., bonus points awarded in Math's for those achieving over 40%.

6. To improve Students Educational Progression / Transition:

  • We aim to 1. see an overall increase in students career decision confidence and self-efficacy. 2.increase higher education and apprenticeship progression and 3. Maintain further education progression and 4. increase confidence levels of our incoming students transitioning from primary to secondary school. You can support by:
    • Be informed of the best pathway for your child. Attend career talks organised by our guidance counsellor. Make an appointment.
    • Attending transition evenings and parent talks for incoming students.
    • Support and guide your son/daughter in their career and training choices.
    • Go on regular trips to places of employment, further or higher institutions.
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