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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Kilrush Community School

As a community school, we recognise that at times, students and indeed staff will experience difficulties in their life and may need some additional support. With that in mind, all members of management and staff are involved in the pastoral care element of our school community.

Each class group is assigned a Class Tutor. This tutor is a class teacher who regularly meets with their group and monitors the progress and welfare of each student within that class. Each Year Tutor monitors the overall progress and welfare of his/her Year Group.

The Career Guidance Counsellors and School Chaplain are always readily available to assist students who may need personal support. All students are met with respect, understanding and a listening ear. Students, of their own accord, can directly approach the Chaplain or Guidance Counsellors. In addition, parents/guardians, management and staff members may request support for a student. The Guidance Counsellors and Chaplain each have their own office where they meet with students individually.

Parents and Guardians are supported by our Home School Community Liaison Officer who is available to provide support to our students and their families.

The School Completion Team work with individuals, small groups and classes to support the pastoral care needs of students.

The Pastoral Care Team meets on a weekly basis to identify the needs of the student body and plan how best we can support them within the school environment. Additionally, we are supported by the work of Happy Feet Happy Minds who provide funding for counselling services for students in need.

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