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STRIVE for FIVE Winners Week 1

Congratulations to the winnder of the inaugural week of our 'Strive for Five' campaign, which promotes consistent attendance and punctuality among students. Each winner was awarded a €30 Penneys voucher, while the runners-up received a €20 voucher. The triumphant students in each year group are as follows:

  • First Year: 1st place, Jade Spendlove; 2nd place, Annabelle McGreene
  • Second Year: 1st place, Jasmina Makulova; 2nd place, Leon Downes
  • Third Year: 1st place, April Danaher; 2nd place, Laura Kennedy
  • Fifth Year/LCA/TY: 1st place, Rita McMahon; 2nd place, Suleyma Mohammed Isse
  • Sixth Year: 1st place, Jenita Varghese; 2nd place, Lucy Power


Poster Competition

A big shout-out to the winners of our poster competition themed 'Strive for Five’ which aimed to promote regular attendance and punctuality among our students. Huge congrats to Sofia for snagging the top spot and winning a €30 Penneys voucher. In second place we have Simona receiving a €20 Penneys voucher. Additionally, we commend Maeve Crehan and Esta, our two runners up, each awarded a €15 Penneys voucher. We commend all participants for their outstanding entries.


Winner Sofia in 1st Year


2nd Place Simona in 1st Year


Runner up Maeve Crehan


Runner up Esta Godvin

Letter to Parents

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we begin the final term of this academic year, I am excited to introduce you to a new initiative spearheaded by our HSCL and SCP: "Strive for Five", that we believe will enhance the learning experience for our students.

The aim of the Strive for Five initiative is to promote the importance of being present and on time for all classes, every day, and in full school uniform. We believe that these habits not only contribute to a positive learning environment but also instill valuable life skills in our students.

To incentivise and recognise student participation in the Strive for Five initiative, we are delighted to announce that we will be awarding vouchers for Penney's to the winners and runners-up of each year group. Winners of each year group will receive a €20 voucher, while runners-up will be presented with a €10 voucher. Additionally, all students who successfully achieve the Strive for Five goal will be entered into a draw every Friday for the chance to win these vouchers.

Furthermore, we will be organising a poster competition exclusively for our first-year students, where they will be tasked with creating posters that convey the message of Strive for Five, highlighting the importance of punctuality and uniform compliance. The winner of this competition will receive a €30 Penney's voucher, and their poster will be featured as part of our campaign on various social media platforms.

We firmly believe that initiatives like Strive for Five not only instill a sense of responsibility and commitment among our students but also foster a strong sense of community and pride within our school.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances such as illness may arise, requiring students to remain at home. While this is entirely understandable and sensible, we kindly request that you upload an absent note to the school VSware app, along with a brief explanation, should your child need to miss school.

Your continued support in reinforcing these values at home is invaluable, and we are truly grateful for your partnership in ensuring the success of the Strive for Five initiative.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this initiative, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any member of the school staff.

Thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to our school community.

Ramona McCarthy

Deputy Principal

May 22
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